About RP Equipment Sales Inc.

New and Used Trucks, Trailers, Heavy Duty Equipment Sales, Financing & Insurance Services

We are a BC & AB registered business that helps customers like you find equipment across BC & AB all in one place: We only deal with dependable, trustworthy dealers, so you the customer will have confidence in the equipment we provide.

We offer Equipment Financing: Whether you buy with our help or you purchase on your own, we’ll find you the money.

We offer Equipment Insurance: We can provide you with a competitive quote to insure your single piece of equipment or your complete fleet.

We offer Safety Compliance: We have highly trained professionals on staff that can help you with your Safety Compliance needs.

Fees: We do not charge our customers for our services.

TIME IS MONEY: We understand you are busy running your business and you may not have the time to source out what we can offer you. So…...Let us… Help you... It’s all right here, all in one place.